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Understanding the Dashboard

Access your site

So you have already taken the first step and have signed up. Now you have to actually access your site.

To do so, make sure that you are logged into Facebook, and then go to the PageYourself website. Click Login and it will automatically bring you straight to your Dashboard.

Visualize your apps

In the ’Apps’ section on your Dashboard, you will see all the apps that you have published (via Facebook and the web, those published yet, and your contests history. To change any of your apps, simply click on it to customize in the Engine.

If the app is published then the button below will be green, if it’s red then it’s unpublished. Here you are able to visualize the exact apps that you have used to engage your fans for your site.

Your Stats

It’s right on your Dashboard. Your stats are a place where you are able to fully visualize who is on your site daily. Visitors or Users? See the amount of people who are simply visiting and who are continually returning. Turn those visitors into fans!

You will receive more details about your statistics in the statistics table below the plotted graph. The final list shows the number of visits, new members and received messages per day / week / month. However, the graph is a good way to understand your site right on your Dashboard. In order for the chart to be active, you need to publish at least one app online.

All about your visits, members and messages filtered by days, weeks, and months:

Below your stats, you’ll see a few horizontal boxes with three indicators:

  • ’Visits’ indicates the number of people who have visited your site
  • ’Member (s)’ displays the number of fans you have in your club. Meaning those that have participated in a contest, registered in a newsletter, or filled out a form in another app
  • The messages sent by your fans and members. It is important to answer fast to fans requests. That is why your new messages are visible from your dashboard. If you want to access them all, click the ’Messages’ section.
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