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Terms of service


1. Definitions

Company means PageYourself, SAS .

Client means a User who has subscribed to a Subscription.

Social site means the site which a User or a Client creates through the Service.

Service means the platform that allows the creation and administration of its site.

Subscription means the service for which a User pays to benefit from premium features.

User means a person who uses the Service on behalf of its company and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Premium Features means removing the brand logo, collecting and exporting more fans information and adding more administrators to the site.

2. The Service

The Company Page Yourself, SAS, a company under French law, with an address for service at 48 rue René Clair, 75018 Paris France, registered with RCS in Paris under number Paris B 788 641 348. The Company has created the social site: a new standard of sites fully integrating social network websites . Social sites allow all types of professionals to create an innovative website, to their design, with the functions they need to promote their activities and to bring to life their community . The inscription, the creation and the updates of social site, and termination are from the website pageyourself.com. Social sites are intergrated into the relevant social networks.

The User or the Client, by using the Service, has a strictly personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the Service. The account is created, and where relevant, the Subscription, with no geographical restriction attached to it. The User or the Client may share the administration of site with third parties, after the subscription has been purchased, but it will be assured beforehand of all the rights and all the permissions required to do so.

3. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

Any use of the Service constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions which is the only contractual agreement between the User or the Client and the Company.

4. Eligibility

The Service is exclusive for professionals. The User or the Client, by registering on the website acknowledges that they have all the rights and authorizations to create a site for the entity which it represents or claims to represent. The Company is not responsible in any way in the event of a dispute between a User and a third party or company.

5. Registering for a free account

The User or the Client, by registering for the Service, has access to all applications, campaigns and competition games, and with no limit of the number of fans. The free account goes on indefinitely until it is terminated by the User. The free account can be terminated at any time through the account settings or by sending an email to hi (at) pageyourself.com.

6. Subscription to an Account

The User who uses a free account can at any time change its free account to a paid subscription by changing its Subsription in accordance with its needs, by adjusting its account settings on the 'My Account' page. Rates and content of Subscriptions are available on the 'My Account' page and are subject to change.

Payment is due for each month on an ongoing basis, and for the whole month. The payment is made every month - from the date of signing up to a Subscription. The Subscription is indefinite and is automatically renewed every month until it is cancelled by the User or the Client. The Subscription can be cancelled at any time in the account settings or by sending an email to hi (at) pageyourself.com.

The Client may to change its Subscription at any time. If the price of the new package is more expensive than the old package, the Client will be charged the difference in price between the new package and the old package, on a pro rata basis to the number of days remaining in the month, starting from the date of the change in the package (and the following month charged the more expensive rate on an ongoing basis). If the package is less expensive than the old package, the Client will be charged the price of the new package from the following month onwards. No refunds or credits for Subscription Charges or other fees or payments will be provided if the Client elects to terminate the Subscription, cancel the Account, upgrade or downgrade. No data can be recovered once Your Account is cancelled.

7. Intellectual Property

The User or the Client is the owner of the files and original creations (text, photo and video) which are used in relation to the Service, and rent the Service as well as use the site format. The Company is the exclusive owner of the Service, sites and all of the elements which compose it: Interface, Design, Software, Brand, Website, Database, Applications, Framework and Concept.

The User or the Client acknowledges to the Company the non-exclusive right to reproduce, treat, qualify and enhance the data and the files, with a view to improving the service, processing statistical data and sharing recommendations based on statistical findings.

The use of the brand PageYourself, its logos, names and domains is not permitted except with the express written consent of the Company. The reproduction of software, source code and the visual content on www.pageyourself.com is strictly forbidden without the express written consent of the Company.

The User or the Client expressly authorises the Company to use its name, and its site, as trade references and to reproduce them on marketing materials.

8. Availability of the Service

The Service is available on the website www.pageyourself.com and published sites are available from social networks. The Company and the company hosting the content make the best efforts utmost to ensure an uninterrupted service, which is free from technical defects, failures and potential bugs. However, the User or the Client is aware of the technical problems with its maintenance, and which the Internet and technology in general are dependent, as well as technical interruptions which can result.

PageYourself undertakes to use its best efforts, in any case the Company shall not be held liable for the effect of an error in using the service, technical interruptions, delays, problems or changes associated in Hosting , the APIs used and social networks on which the social site appears.

The Company cannot be held liable for any changes, modifications, interruptions of any kind, for any changes, modifications or interruptions of any type which come from third party services such as Facebook, or connected by API services. Therefore, no refund can be granted on this basis.

9. Liability

The User or the Client bears sole liability for the content which it uses, its use of the Service, the data it collects and the manner in which it uses it. It bears sole liability over the law and in using the Service guarantees it is complying with the applicable laws of its country of incorporation and the country where the Service is being used. The Company reserves the right to ban the Service and delete all the data of any User or Client who fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions or the applicable laws in the country of operation.

The Company shall not be held liable to others, the User or the Client, for any damages, whether caused directly or indirectly by using the Service. The Company provides third-party tools to communicate online, and can make technical changes to the content and indexation. In no event is the Company involved in the creation and selection of the distributed content.

10. Governing law and jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions, use of the Site and the Service are governed by French law . The service is exclusively provided for professionals. The Paris Tribunal has the exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disputes between the parties in relation to the Terms and Conditions, the use of the Service, or the execution, termination or expiration of the contract.

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