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Start with PageYourself

What is an social site?

The social site is the first ever website within your Facebook Page! It’s viral, social and allows you to showcase and promote your business on the biggest social media site.

It’s a whole new kind of website by you creating different applications (not just topics) according to your needs:

  • Promote your activities
  • Engage and Grow your community
  • Gain popularity
  • Collect specific information about your fans

All of the applications that you choose will show up on your page as rubrics: these applications are then all linked together with a customizable menu.

How is the site integrated onto a Facebook Page?

The site is automatically integrated on your Facebook Page when you publish any app. Under no circumstances will your site replace your Facebook Page but rather tabs are added that will spark immediate interest from your fans.

Do not worry, it’s very simple to remove an app. Once you are on your Dashboard go into the 'Apps' tab, then click the arrow button to the right of the app and select 'Designer'. Choose 'Unpublish.' The tab will then disappear from your Facebook page.

Club = Have unlimited access to your Fan Community

Your Club is your house, and your gold mine for your fan community! The Club is where all of the participants of your site are stored in the form of a personal profile.

The members of your Club are those for example that participate in your Newsletter, or in your contests. It’s possible to export the information from your Club through different filters by clicking the arrow to the right, ’Collect more information’ and then click ’Download Club’.

The Dashboard : How to manage your Apps

You can access your Apps on your Dashboard, in ’Apps’ section. In this section you can add or delete your apps whenever you want.

On the right side of the any app there are options in order to Design, Unpublish, or Publish. On the top right of the ’Apps’ section, you will find the ’New Facebook App ’s button that will allow you to add new regular or contest apps. Do not forget to save any modification that you make to your site along the way.

Your App engine: the customization tool

After you have selected an application of your choice, or chosen our recommendations, you now need to personalize it while keeping in mind your business. In the ’Apps’ section, on the right side of each app you will have access to a website address that allows you to access your apps on the web or directly to Facebook.

Inside the Engine you can add items to your App by dragging them into the App using the Drag and Drop System. In order Engine you will also find the Virality tab in order to promote your apps on your Facebook Page. To enter your Engine click the ’Designer’ button on the right side of your app.

  • Your Apps: Customize them with specific content
  • Toolbox: on the left side you will find customization options (button, Google Maps, text, images, videos ...)
  • The Fan Gate : found at the bottom of the Engine this will initiate visitors to become fans of your Facebook Page
  • Specific steps of certain apps (for contest apps, also found on the bottom of the Engine

The Facebook Contests

PageYourself offers a variety of different apps including Contest Apps (Quiz, Sweepstakes, Instant Win, Survey, Video Contest and Photo Contest). The contest apps help your Facebook Page gain popularity within community, and your fans win different prizes that will increase the participation very quickly. On your Dashboard select « Useful shortcuts » and then choose « Run Contest ». Then find the one that best suits your business needs.

Design your Contests and then publish it to your site, and your community will be able to participate immediately.

Each contest has its own dashboard where you’ll find all the participants, potential winners and winners. It is also there that you’ll be able to draw the winners at the end of your contest.

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