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Newbie Mistakes

Do not forget to publish the apps

When you begin creating your site, you chose the applications that apply to your needs, whether they are presentation apps or contest apps. All the apps will be in your tabs on your site, more precisely it is an internal menu that will allow easy navigation between apps.

Now that your site includes app, you can customize them by adding your own content.

Caution, do not forget to save your work by clicking ’Save and publish’ at the top right of your Engine, or press ’Save’. Do not worry as no app will be published unless you decide too.

Do not forget to create interactions

Your site will be a major asset in promoting your brand or business to a wider audience. So even if it seems obvious to you it may be easily forgotten. Promote your business, this means creating an interaction with your community so that they feel belonged and more connected to your Facebook Page.

Here are some tips in order to create interaction:

  • Set up Contests
  • Change your Content Regularly
  • Answer the questions they ask you
  • Do not waste time! Your community will share your posts if they are interesting and posted regularly, but not if there is nothing to share, then you will only interact with a small target. Also share from other sites, at least once per day.

Do not forget that you can communicate with your community easier just by sharing your apps. If you do not share anything then your target will lose interest. Share something, at least once a day!

Do not forget about the visuals

Pay close attention to spelling when you are about to publish your app. Mistakes can be small but your community will recognize it almost instantly, thus you will not be taken seriously to your credibility.

Also, do not write too much information or information just about what you do thinking that your community will automatically be interested.

Confusing Fans with profiles on the Club

Your fans are simply members who like your page after selecting the Like button. The only connection that you have too your fans are that they can view your publications on your Facebook Page.

Your Club allows you to gather all the information your fans have entered as they participated in your site one way or another. Each fan that participates in contests, sends you a message, or signs up for your newsletter will automatically be integrated into your Club.

Once they are in your Club you get access to their profile and personal information: photo, email, names, age, etc.

The purpose of the Club is to gain information from your fans through different criteria that will help your business. All of the information that you collect will allow you to analyze the type of fans and customers that you have on your Facebook Page.

The objective is to help you better understand your fans so you can adapt your target market communication.

All the fans presented in your Club can be exported to an Excel format, so you can eventually send them newsletters or content information such as market or sales promotions.

Your fans are not going to fall from the sky

Unfortunately, just because you have a page that does not mean it will grow instantly.

  • Communicate : Talk about the page, vitalize the content that you post
  • Share: On different Facebook Pages share your activity, send messages to contacts about promotions, use your newsfeed…
  • Create: Regularly update your content to retain your fans and thus attract new ones
  • Linking: Do not hesitate to link your website to your email contacts, integrate it with your signature or on your other networks
  • Lead: Several contest apps are readily available for you to easily implement, they will allow you to optimize your content for shares on Facebook.

Do not forget to use Smart Links

Smart Links are links that allow your site to be available to your mobile and tablet devices. These links detect the carriers from which the fan is trying to access your f-Sire, it then redirects to the right places so that it always makes it accessible.

Do not forget to personalize with themes and colors

It is vitally important that you take ownership of your site…oh yea and creative.

  • Drag & Drop Tool : This tool is very simple to use and enables you to place the elements wherever you would like inside your App. You can move the elements around anywhere and resize them too.
  • Change the order and the names of your apps
  • Customize your theme: Change the background, menu, text fonts, color buttons…the smallest details count
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