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Make the most of your Club

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even LinkedIn allow you create communication with your community easily. But, you are not actual owners of these communities, thus you may not really any more than their first and last name. Well that is all about to change with the Club through PageYourself.

What is it?

The Club is your treasure chest in which you can transform fan information from your site. A fan of yours on Facebook will be transformed into a profile containing all the information that you need, or that you will use later.

Learn more information about your fans with data you collect

Each interaction on your site, each participant of a contest, an inscription to a newsletter, a sent message, will create a profile for this fan in your Club.

Collect as much information that you want: name, age, address, e-mail or telephone number… Your Club opens up many possibilities for your business.

Difference between a Fan on Facebook and a member of your Club

A fan on Facebook is a fan that « likes » your Facebook Page. Each time that you post on your Facebook Page your fans will see the publication on their Facebook Page.

A member of your Club is a fan that is integrated in your site. This is a fan that has provided information for you to get to know them better and have an easier time in communicating with them. Their profile will be updated each time they participate in your site.

The advantages of a Club

  • Own your community on the long-run
  • Get to know your community better by asking the information of your choice
  • Ability to contact them at any time by e-mails, addresses, or phone numbers
  • Increase the number of people who subscribed to your newsletter

What kind of information to collect

This is your choice on what information to collect by selecting and creating the questions in your apps. These questions will be asked by your fans with the apps you create such contests, newsletter, or contact app.

Three choices are available to you:

  • Collect the maximum amount of information that you want as long as you do not lose fans.
  • Collect only the information that will help your business strategy and limit yourself to asking only a certain amount of questions
  • Create a variety of questions for contests, or another app that will provide you cohesive information in the end

How to collect more

To collect more information about your fans, you should go in the Club tab on your Dashboard and click on “Collect more information”. This button will allow you to create new ways for your fans to answer either in the form of text, checkboxes, drop-down menu, unique choice, or multiple choice. A decision must be made before your fans participate.

Be aware and pay attention that you are not being too intrusive and to respect the rules of your country.


  • If your store is some distance away, how long they have to drive is important in calculation costs
  • If you are a service business, then a phone number may be necessary
  • If you have business partners, ask permission from your community before you send their data to them

Be aware and pay attention that you are not being too intrusive and to respect the rules of your country.

Extract the list of your fans

To do this, go into your Club and click the blue button on the right, ’Collect more information’ and then select ’Download Club”. A pop-up box will appear to save the file in an Excel format. It’s that simple!

You now have a data spreadsheet with all of your fan information that they have entered.

Premium offer options to collect and export more contacts

In the basic package of PageYourself, you are allowed to have your first 100 members information that they entered into your Club without an upgrade. If more than 100 of your fans have entered into your Club, they are able to see your content but you are not allowed to extract their information that they have entered.

Thus, to analyze the information from all of your fans that they have entered, you can upgrade to our premium offer. This offer will allow you to adjust the size of your Club to fit your needs.

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