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How to convert your consumers emails into Fans?

How to convert your consumers emails into Fans?

Many businesses already have a full address book, and you must have already collected emails from your customers, users, readers, etc.

These email addresses are the base of your community, so do not leave them in the dust. A good marketing strategy in social media is not based on attainment (the number of new fans, clients, and users that you will acquire, but rather on engagement (your ability to constantly hold their interest). So why not create better communication with your actual customers?

We will explain how to convert the email addresses that you have already acquired, in your community. Why not use the information that you already have?

Here are some good ideas and reasons why to communicate by email to your community:

  • Inform your contacts of launching your site
  • Launch and promote contests
  • Share the important information on your brand or activity
  • Send an email for a particular occasion (Christmas, Easter, Birthdays)
  • Offer a discount coupon or a special price offer

Create a Fan Gate for the site

A Fan Gate is a layer that you create that visitors’ will have to surpass by pressing a “Like” button to have entrance to your site. Visitors that click the button have the intentions of getting to know your business through your apps or want to participate in your contests.

The layer of the Fan Gate will only be seen by visitors and not fans. You can personalize your Fan Gate by using the Drag and Drop tool. Give them good reasons to become a part of your community.

To create a Fan Gate, select the button on the top of your page “Fan Gate” give it a name and then simply click “create a Fan Gate”.

What to put in the Fan Gate:

  • A background: Add a background to hide the content of your app that will be behind the layer. You can choose to add an image, a color, a gradient, and you can change the transparency of each.
  • A like button: With one click, the layer will disappear and access will be given to the app.
  • A description: Give them all the good reason to become a part of your community.
  • Optional: An image as the background, it can visually show what they are missing out on.

Establishing a Fan Gate is an effective way to convert your visitors into fans.

Choose the data you want to collect on your Club

Create your base through asking relevant questions. The idea is that you can collect relevant information about your fans that you can reuse overtime.

Establishing a contest allows you to collect information from your fans. To set this up you will have to create your own questions and put them in the database forms.

Head to the tab ‘Club’ on the right of your Dashboard then select ‘Collect more Information’.

Press the green button, ‘Collect new Information’, you have the possibility to choose from how your fans answer the questions that you create: Text: Ask for specific information from your fans and let them respond with detailed answers. Checkboxes: Use a simple checkbox to create a direct list to choose from. Dropdown: When there are too many choices, a dropdown menu is perfect. Collect accurate data through a list, occupation is a great example. Unique Choice: Several choices with only one possible answer (radio button). Multiple Choice: Great to implement specific context among a large variety of different choices. You can insert in the the inscription form in your contest as well

When you extract your base you will find all the information that your users have entered thus this will answer the questions that you have already created.

Prepare an email with clear objectives

An objective email does not only have a subject and an outside link. This type of emails focuses around a strong image, accompanied by a short text description, thus causing a “call to action”. Then create a button to go to the next step.

The title : Add the name of your reader in the title of the email. This causes interest from your consumer and an increase in the open rate. Do not hesitate to integrate the subject that they are potentially interested in. This stage is crucial, because this is the first thing that they read! If nobody clicks then no one will continue to read.

The image : The image is the first thing that your readers eyes will go towards. This is very important. Also, do not hesitate to display pictures of the prizes if you are organizing a contest.

The text : Avoid long phrases as people prefer effective short text. Keep in mind that if you give too much information there is little chance that the reader will want to click further. Balance is key!

The call to action : Often a button, the ‘call to action’ is the result of this whole email. Once your reader has a reason too, they will go to your site, your contests, or your Fan Gate. Do not forget about the smart link (see the following).

Do not forget the Smart Link

The Smart Links are web-links that generate redirection depending on the medium to use on other devices (computers, phones, or tablets). Thus, it is best to post about the smart link to ensure that everyone can have access to your site.

Summary :

  • Create your site
  • Add a Fan Gate
  • Choose the data that you want to collect
  • Create an email explaining your objectives
  • Do not forget the smart link
  • Send an email and convert your customers into fans

How to analyze my statistics?

Go onto your Dashboard:

  • The graph shows the variation of visits to your site and your new fans that have liked your Page. It also analyzes the loss of visits on each new publication
  • The table located below the statistics graph lists the number of visits, new members and received messages per day / week / month.
  • The vertical strip on the left, of your Dashboard, presents the total visits, fans, and members since creating your site.
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