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Optimize a Facebook Page

Ideas, options, and the other ways to make your site the best it can be.

Optimize your Facebook Page

  • Design an outstanding and professional cover picture
  • Don’t forget your profile picture
  • Write a short and punchy description, and don’t forget to put a link of your website and site after
  • Fill in all the information Facebook asks: the more Facebook knows your business the more visible you will be their radar. By filling out each section you will also be visible on Google. You wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity.
  • Optimize your ranking on Facebook: having a lot of fans is not enough. You must engage them in order for your Page to be more visible. The more engagement of fans, then your SEO will improve as well.

Select the right apps for your site

This is a much talked about debate, even among the PageYourself staff. Here are some things to think about when selecting the app that works best for your business:

What kind of business are you promoting?

Are you promoting information, sales, beliefs, or a band? There are too many kinds of businesses these days, and yours can get lost if you don’t make clear to your fans the type of business that you are! Make sure that you clearly explain your business so that there is no confusion.

What is the goal of your site?

All companies have different goals, obviously. Whether it is be gaining more fans or engaging them. Each app is designed to reach the individual needs of your business, by:

  • Promoting your activity
  • Engaging your community
  • Gaining fans
  • Driving traffic
  • Selling products

How do you want your fans to perceive your site?

Are they going to be excited? Maybe informed? Depending on the type of business you are decides how your fans will interact with your site! So choose your apps wisely!

Customize your site your way!

Of course, not everyone will have the same site. We have provided you with many options to choose from. You have hundreds of options in colors, font, or backgrounds! We even have provided you with some themes that we designed for you to choose from. If you do not like them then customize your own. Customize with pictures, videos, and more.

Drag and Drop Tool

This is something that we are very proud of… not to sound too cocky.

This tool is very simple to use and enables you to place the elements wherever you would like inside your App. You can move the elements around anywhere and resize them too.

Hold the hand button in order to continually move your elements around.

Add pictures

Pictures are one of the most important media for you to use in order to keep your fans interested in your site. So why not select the best? Options on how to add photos include:

  • Uploading a photo from your computer
  • Uploading a photo from a Facebook Album
  • Search of Images sites such as Google

A lot of people keep asking what the best size is for our pictures. Well… the Drag & Drop tool will allow you to use whatever content you want, without any constraints. There is no perfect size; the only thing we can tell you is that the maximum width of your site is 810px large. The rest is resizable and repositionable.

Customize your theme

Change your background: Choose an image or a color for your background so that it matches your business and tone you want for your site. Click ’Edit my theme’ at the bottom right of the engine and then select Background. You either upload an image or choose a color for your background.

Change the layout of your menu: You can move the apps around in the menu in order for the best optimzation. Go into the ’Apps’ section on your Dashboard and drag the apps around in the menu.

Colors and fonts : You can customize your colors to ensure coherency. Colors can be solid or gradients. You can also change all the fonts displayed on your apps, you’ll be amazed by the choice we provide!

Tab Options : Yes you can customize these too, change the order, and the title.

Delete the PageYourself logo from your site: Some of your fans will notice the presence of PageYourself logos on the bottom of your apps in your site. Become a premium member to remove them.

Now, what if you need to export more leads? Or add more admins to edit your site? Well, you can do it! Go into your account settings and select ‘Upgrade.’ Then move the cursor back and forth to see you payment options. You get to decide a plan just for your site!

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