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How to Increase the Club

The Club is your safe. This is where all the participants of your contests profiles and personal information is stored. And better: The FanBase will automatically update as soon as they participate in a new campaign or app.

Building up your Fan Base is always a wise decision, but do you have all the information on how to do it ? We show you how to best utilize the Fan Base, how to grow your numbers of users, and how to take advantage of the information your fans can provide.

Identify the information you need

Chose quality over quantity!

Now don’t greedy with the information you can receive. There are tricks to the system: the more you ask, the less they will participate. It is important, in the short term, that the information that you ask will better develop your marketing strategy, and eventually help you overtime. Do not collect all at once but rather create more activities and continue to ask new information each time.

The information that you collect allows you to better know your community and know your target better. Text: Ask for specific information from your fans and let them respond with detailed answers. Checkboxes: Use a simple checkbox to create a direct list to choose from. Dropdown: When there are too many choices, a dropdown menu is perfect. Collect accurate data through a list, occupation is a great example. Unique Choice: Several choices with only one possible answer (radio button). Multiple Choice: Great to implement specific context among a large variety of different choices Creating these different fields does not mean asking your fans mass amount of questions. Analyze the information that you really need in order to help your business. Opt for specific information on each app but create multiple different types of apps for your fans complete profile.

The information coming from Facebook

Firstly, because PageYourself is connected through Facebook you are given access to information about your fans that participate in your contests. Generally this means the information they have entered into their basic profile. You can access, if your fans have participated, information about their gender, age, location, email, and profile picture.

The Club will you allow to unlock and retrieve other information by inserting your own criterias that could be relevant to you. In addition you can use filters to sort through and find what could be the most the most relevant and interest to your business. All of the profile information can be downloaded on your computer through an Excel file.

How to collect more information?

If the information that you automatically receive from Facebook isn’t sufficient enough, then you can chose to collect more, with fill in and checked boxes. To collect more data, go in the tab Club and then select Collect more information. In Type, you can select the options that you would like.

  • If you want to contact them via telephone, then do not forget to ask for their number, if this is not the case, then do not ask for it. Simple as that.
  • If referring to a pricing quote, feel free to ask them their location as the prices could vary
  • In the section Contests, if the prize consists of different sizes (S, M, L, XL) and multiple winners, then ask their size.

Text or Checkboxes?

Depending on your questions objectives, you can chose to utilize the checked boxes to be marked or the fill in boxes, where they can write specific information.

First, you need to ask yourself these questions: Do I want to know more of who my fans are? Do I want them to subscribe to my Newsletter? Or have a list of other suggestions?

In the first case, you can select the fill in boxes and for the others you can utilize the check in boxes.

How to collect those information?

  • Run a Quiz, Sweepstakes, Instant Win, Survey, Photo Contest or Video Contest
  • Create a Contact app
  • Begin a Newsletter

Data collection will allow you to customize your forms to your needs:

  • They can ask for a pricing quote
  • Ask if they want more information or they could request a brochure
  • Ask if you can contact them
  • Set up a newsletter to inform city tour dates eg

Better analyze your target

If you have a lot of fans, then it’s time to analyze and profit.

The Club and Statistics tab allow you to analyze your fans with the ability of using different filters like gender (male/female). With this information that you can gain it will help you better they type of fans that you have in order to adapt your marketing strategy.

You can set the different aspects of your form, this way you can obtain as much information that you need as possible.

For example, with the filters you can target the list of fans that you want to specifically target by mail.

Adapt your communication to your target

It is important that you adapt your language and overall strategy with whom you are going to mainly communicate too. Depending on the age of your target and gender, some subjects may be relevant then others. So watch out for it!

Do not lose sight of your fans as they are potential clients, so give them continuous interest and adapt to them for they will become more interested in your business and activity.

PageYourself offers you all the tools to get to know them well, enjoy!

Exporting the Club

First, you must subscribe to an UNLIMITED premium account in order to export your database. To do this, go into your Club and click the blue button on the right, ’Collect more information’ then select ’Download FanBase’. A pop-up box will appear and then you can save the file in an Excel format. Simple as that!

Expand the storage room in your Club

You Club is offered to you with space to store the first 100 profiles. If you want to change the size to your needs, you can subscribe to our premium offer.

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