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How to attract fans to a Facebook Page

Become engaged and interested in your community

  • Post at least one time each day interesting content for your audience, do not hesitate at times to change it up a little bit, and publish fun content too!
  • Ask your fans questions: Seek advice from them. They will feel valued and a part of your company, it will make them feel special.
  • Respond to all of their questions, and fast. They do not care whether it is a weekend but whether how fast you will respond! Just be prepared.

Publish exclusive, share it, or make it be shared

  • Add content that is interesting on your site that will boost your traffic, research and investigate exclusive articles.
  • Now that you have interesting content that will attract new fans, do not hesitate to shout it from the rooftops and share the information to your community by all social media outlooks (Facebook, Email, Twitter, Etc).
  • Do not hesitate to create connections with others that will shares your publications. The next time they may be able to relate to your content.

Do not forget the Fan Base to convert visitors into fans

The Fan Base is a valuable tool that detects if a visitor is a fan or not. If the person is already a fan then they will see no barrier. If they person is not a fan, and only a visitor, then a barrier will cover over the app with either images, texts, a video, or just a simple Like button. Once the visitor has clicked Like, the Fan Gate will automatically disappear and the visitor will have access to the app.

Choose the best Social Plugins

The Social Plugins are tools offered by Facebook that allows visitors of your website or blog to become a fan of your Facebook Page.

  • Like Button: This is a button that allows your visitors to be directed straight to your Facebook Page from all over the web
  • Facebook Comments: This is a tool that allows all your visitors to comment on any of your pages (blog or website) from anywhere outside of Facebook
  • Like Box: This is almost the same as the like button, but instead pictures of different user’s profiles are in the plugin. This gives more confidence and will inevitably increase the number of likes.

Create contests on your site

Implement a contest that will create interactions on your site and Facebook Page. It’s easy to do that will increase the number of your fans participating, and you can collect information that you ask them. You and your fans will both win something! You have the possibility to choose from how your fans answer the questions that you create: Text: Ask for specific information from your fans and let them respond with detailed answers. Checkboxes: Use a simple checkbox to create a direct list to choose from. Dropdown: When there are too many choices, a dropdown menu is perfect. Collect accurate data through a list, occupation is a great example. Unique Choice: Several choices with only one possible answer (radio button). Multiple Choice: Great to implement specific context among a large variety of different choices.

There are 6 types of contests to create:

  • Quiz: Set your questions, your responses, and launch it in only a few steps
  • Sweepstakes: Set a form that your fans will fill out, then draw out the winner
  • Instant Win: Your fans will fill out a form and after validation they will instantly know if they won or not.
  • Survey : Create the questions, design your screens and let the participants give you feedback on the subjects that matter.
  • The Photo Contest : Choose a subject and ask your fans to submit their pictures, the most liked picture wins!
  • The Video Contest : Exactly like the Photo Contest, you choose a subject and ask your fans to submit their videos, the most liked video wins!

Small tips to save you time :

  • The rules and regulation must be a legally set and formatted in a PDF file
  • The background image of your quiz, if you want it to be correct, should be sized as 810px * 900px
  • The design you create can always be modified afterwards
  • Drawing winners will happen automatically, thanks to our algorithm
  • You can recover all the information of your fans that participated

Maximize your Virality

It is important to become viral on your page. Virality is sharing your site on your Facebook Page Newsfeed in order for your fans to know what is happening.

As we have seen it is possible to share and showcase your content on Facebook easily but, did you know it’s also possible to share it outside of Facebook ? Guess how?

  • Copy the line from your website to your site
  • Paste in: an email, an article, an electronic signature, a contact page of another site, in a comment, etc.
  • Do not hesitate to organize your contests on your Facebook Page, then share the URL on all other social networks
  • Create email campaigns from the basic email app and add it to your site
  • Do not forget the Fan Gate: this is where your visitors will become fans
  • Set up Google Meta, Open Graph and Twitter Cards: Each of your app in your site has a Facebook version and a web version. To ensure that your apps are gaining the most visibility, you can set up on the information that is shared by your fans, This will allow you to attract more visitors and convert them into real fans.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads will allow you to promote your posts as a form of advertising in order to better grab the attention of customers and their friends. Hopefully turning them in Fans!

Facebook Ads allow your content to be shared widely online, and will allow others to discover your page. Among the billions of potential fans, only your target fans should interest you. Facebook Ads allow you to target your ad by age, gender, geographical locations, but also according to their preferences (pages they have liked previously).

It is a powerful tool, paid of course, but highly recommended even if you are on a low budget.

Among the many features you can:

  • Boost a post that you have already published which makes it visible to a bigger target. Pair that with a contest and your participants will be multiplied
  • Increase the Likes of a Page
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