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Create your own customer base

The Club: your treasure chest

The Fan Base groups all the fans who participated in your site. Each one of them will have a user profile with the information you asked them to fill. Get in touch with them in just one click!

Collect the information you need

Interact with your fans and find out who they are by collecting as much information as you want! Name, age, email, phone number... Customize the form by including as many fields as you wish and collect all the information you need (tick the box, direct questions...) then access this information from your Fan Base. Simple!

Create loyal fans, clients, users

Thanks to the Fan Base, you have the ability to compile a real user history on each of your fans. Using each of your apps, you can track and see who are your most active users! Reach out to your more discreet users as well as your most active fans. Maximize your business potential!

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